Be My Valentine
Can a girl with severe anxiety ask her best friend to the high school Valentine's Day dance?
Genre: Slice of Life, Yuri/GL Saint Bree Read/Buy
Cover Bubblegum
A girl dethrones Gum the top gamer at the Luna Arcade in a single day. Has she met her match?
Genre: Game, Yuri/GL Saint Bree, Anna Mao Read/Buy
Celestial Priestess
Studying by day, fighting evil by night, college student Marina Hai discovers magical secrets lurking in her city.
Genre: Magical Girl, Yuri/GL Anna Mao, Saint Bree Read/Buy
A curious woodcarver meets an evil witch in the forest. Is the witch as evil as the villagers say?
Genre: Fantasy, Yuri/GL Saint Bree Read/Buy
Can a villain and hero fall in love?
Genre: Action, Yuri/GL Saint Bree Read/Buy