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📁 Tamagotchi ID L Wallpapers

📁 Tamagotchi ID Wallpapers

Tamagotchi Guides

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Tamagotchi Meets

📄 Tamagotchi Meets Item English Translation

Tamagotchi M!X

📄 Tamagotchi M!X Flower Hills Items (English Translation)

🎥 Tamagotchi Sanrio M!X Item English Translation

🎥 Tamagotchi M!X 20th Anniversary Item English Translation

🎥 Tamagotchi M!X Anniversary Gift Set Item English Translation

Tamagotchi P’s/IDL

🎥 How To Send Downloads To Tamagotchi ID L/P’/ID With irDA Smartphone

🎥 Tamagotchi P’s: How to Play the Jump Rope Game

🎥 How to Connect Tamagotchi P’s to ID L

🎥 Tamagotchi ID L English Destinations

Other Virtual Pet Guides

Guides by Annatchi3

Sumikko Catch

📄 Sumikko Catch – Trap Item List (English Translation)

📄 Sumikko Catch – Recipe Guide (English Translation)

📄 Official Sumikko Catch Guide Book

Sumikko Atsume

🎥 Sumikko Atsume Sumikko Gurashi English Guide

Rilakkuma Dararan Life Virtual Pet

🎥 Rilakkuma Dararan Life Virtual Pet English Guide

Rilu Rilu Fairilu Camera

📄 Rilu Rilu Fairilu Camera Unlock Guide


🎥 PriPri-Shot English Guide PriPri Chi-chan

🎥 Camera Guide PriPri-Shot: PriPri Chi-chan

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